Space Planning

We incorporate Sustainable design practices and Technology Integration to Support Modern Day Collaboration

Space Planning

Space planning and conceptualization are quintessential for a successful design process and we, at STRIPES take pride in our ability to share program and design information electronically by using latest 2D & 3D softwares.

With the advent of modern day technologies ,we are constantly upgrading ourselves to accomodate advanced digital and automated systems into the design and layout of a space thereby enhancing the functionality and user experience at the space planning stage itself.

We adhere to the Accessibility Standards while preparing the layouts to ensure that occupied space is safe and usable to everyone including individuals with disabilities.

Finally ,Aesthetics plays a signifiant role in the overall ambience. A well designed space not only functions efficiently but also creates visually appealing and emotionally satisfying environment .This is where our Architects ,designers ,MEP ,Civil & IT engineers collaborate with each other and ensure that aesthetic aspects align with the overall goal and purpose of the space.

We start the entire process by having brainstorming sessions regarding allocation of space to have a significant impact on profitability of the business and promote interaction among different departments and occupants for the end-user thereby setting all the key parameters needed for a Successful Design.

By providing Space Planning and Conceptualizing services to many government bodies and leading Banks in UAE, STRIPES is proud to be a part of their dream projects turning into reality.